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Meet Lewis 

Entrepreneur, Author, Dad, Coach and Inspirational Speaker

In 1994 I tied a tie for my first time, I put a dress jacket on for my first time, and I set at my first executive meeting.   Only 150 miles from home, but a million miles from my roots.  I remember looking around the room and it was obvious  that I didn't fit the  mold.   That evening I called Dad and  told him that I was like a John Deere tractor  in a 1/2 acre field and I  realized I didn't belong.  I told him I was packing it in heading home.   My dad was never one of those "Mike Brady " type dad's with warm and fuzzy fatherly  advice.   He would  just  always say what was on his mind, so he  just grumbled  a  response and said, don't be a quitter.  Before I could respond, he continued, and don't be fake.   I paused for a minute and said, then what do I do with that dad?  He said,  Well, don't be either one.   


I got up the next morning and not wanting to let dad down, I decided to just start being  me and see where it takes me.  Well, here I am, a lot of years later, still tying on the  tie and  slipping on the jacket when I need to.  I'm not the most polished executive  in the room and certainly not the most politically  correct, but, I've never swayed from  my roots, I've never checked my morals at the door, and it's worked out pretty well. 


I have been blessed with a successful career as an executive for large organizations as well as my own companies.  However, I didn't take the traditional path to an executive  level.   I made it to  the boardroom table with blue collar roots, callused hands, and sweat on my brow.   I now share some of the life lessons  that have helped me  along  my journey in hopes of inspiring others to always reach for the stars while always staying grounded in your roots.

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"Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway"

John Wayne

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